Invisalign® – what you need to know

What are the benefits of Invisalign®, how it works as well as what the treatment process is like and take a look at what it’s like living with the Invisalign® clear aligners.

What is the Invisalign® System?
The beauty of the Invisalign® System is that it is virtually invisible, it’s a series of aligners that uses an innovative approach to gently straighten your teeth.

Made with unique SmartForce technology, the custom-made aligners gradually and predictably move your teeth to their correct position’.

How does the Invisalign® System work?

  1. Initially, Dr Colle will take photos, x-rays and digital scans to determine the best treatment plan for you
  2. Your records, along with the suggested treatment plan from your dentist to create a customised 3D treatment plan for you. This will help you to visualise the final position of your teeth predicted to reach after your treatment. It assists in developing your clear aligners and the estimated length of time your treatment will take.
  3. Your personalised aligners will be manufactured and shipped to the Tusk Dental practice.
  4. Every day you’ll wear your custom-made aligners and as you start your treatment plan you will receive a series of aligners (usually 3 to 4 sets at a time) to change out every 2 weeks as you progress.
  5. Every 6 to 8 weeks you’ll be visiting your Invisalign® approved dentist, Dr Colle to monitor the progress of your treatment and receive your next set of aligners.
  6. Once your treatment is finished, you may need to use retainers to help make sure the new position of your teeth is maintained.

What is it like living with the Invisalign® System and how it fits into your life

  • Girls eating ice cream with invisalign clear aligners inThe Invisalign® clear aligners are barely noticeable which means you can be yourself and you don’t have to hide your smile as you go through your treatment plan.
  • With an active lifestyle you can continue wearing your aligners without having to worry about the sharp brackets of more traditional treatment types cutting your mouth.
  • The importance of oral hygiene is made easier because the clear aligners are removable allowing you to brush and floss regularly.
  • Another huge advantage is being able to remove your aligner as you eat and drink what you like.
  • And just like all the other benefits of how easy it is to fit this treatment plan into your life, we make treatment appointments that work with your schedule. Most appointments are in and out, with quick progress checks every six to eight weeks.

The advantages of Invisalign® treatment

  • The Invisalign® treatment may give you visible results from as early as the first month that you start treatment. What most patients report is that they enjoy the fact that no one knows that you are wearing an Invisalign® clear aligner.
  • Another advantage of course is that the Invisalign® aligners are removable, making it easy to clean your teeth and maintain your oral health during treatment.
  • The convenience of being able to take the aligners out for a special event and popping them back in directly after.
  • Being worried about discomfort is quite normal when considering straightening your teeth, however there’s no need to worry because the use of the innovative SmartForce and SmartTrack technologies the Invisalign® System straightens your teeth predictably and more comfortably.

What Invisalign® Treatment Options are there?
The Invisalign® System can be used for a range of teeth straightening issues, such as:

  • Gapped Teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Openbite